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Pay Per Click
of all web traffic is generated from major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. The challenge faced by many startups and small to medium sized businesses is the ability to quickly achieve search engine rankings that will allow them to be seen by potential customers.
Larger organizations have the budgets to support long-term and costly marketing campaigns consisting of link building programs, press releases and content distribution across a variety of media channels. While these are effective techniques, they require more money and time than smaller organizations can typically afford.

Luckily thereís a cost-effective internet marketing technique called Pay per Click (PPC) advertising that allows you to quickly drive relevant traffic immediately to your website. PPC advertising allows you to establish a daily budget, bid on relevant keywords and to be listed in the paid advertising section at the top of search pages on the search engines of your choice. This will give you the immediate visibility needed to begin increasing relevant traffic to your site.
PPC advertising also has the advantage of establishing daily spending limits to better manage your marketing budget, as well as campaign statistics to fine tune your keyword targets for maximum campaign ROI.

Our Pay per Click advertising campaign management services are designed specifically to:
  • Rapidly increase relevant traffic to your site.
  • Improve the conversion ratio of visitors to buyers.
  • Sustain traffic to your site on an ongoing basis.
  • Seasonally boost traffic to your site as needed.
  • Effectively manage your marketing budget by setting limits
    and measuring ROI.
  • Provide statistics for insight into your PPC campaignís effectiveness>
Our PPC advertising experts will work with you to define cost-effective keywords that will result in the greatest ROI for your campaign, recommend and perform onsite optimization if needed to support the selected keywords, and manage the overall process throughout the entire PPC campaign.

Dear Corey,

I want to thank you and your team at The Biz Technology Services for the awesome job you did setting up and managing our Internet Pay per Click (PPC) campaign. Itís a resounding success with traffic to our website doubling and tripling since we started the campaign. Our company is expanding and we have even launched a second website, and opened another retail location.

I know your expertise and guidance in the form of our PPC campaign is the major reason for the level of success we are experiencing. You guys are the best! Thank you again for exceeding all of our expectations.

Joel Gerson
Revolution Mixed Martial Arts & Fitness
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