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Passport to Paradise

Step inside the wonderful world of Passport to Paradise, and you’ll find yourself immersed in a lush tropical shopping experience. Garage Clothing Stores, a large North American retailer, wanted to create a promotional site with the look and feel of a spring break getaway. More than just a website, The Biz Technology Services created the interactive world of Passport to Paradise capturing the mystical beauty of the tropics in an extremely creative and unique design. Using advanced interactive media techniques for life like motion, The Biz Technology Service created a lush online environment teaming with tropical life that not only captures the essence of the tropics, but creates an entertaining and engaging retail shopping experience that will keep Garage Clothing Store’s customers coming back for more. 

Your Next Stamp

It might have started as just a conversation over dinner one night, but Your Next Stamp has evolved into a successful business creating and selling custom rubber stamps by a talented group of graphics designers spread across the globe. Using the funky designs of the Your Next Stamp team, The Biz Technology Services created a fun and effective ecommerce shopping site that truly captures the owner’s passion for their boutique company. The custom designed site includes a complete catalog of Your Next Stamp’s products, an easy to maintain “featured products of the month” section, and a personal shopping cart for easy checkout. The Biz also developed the ability to support multiple currencies and payment methods in order to create a seamless customer shopping experience while maximizing Your Next Stamp’s cash flow. 

Sportscorp Travel

Sportscorp Travel caters to high-end travelers consisting of business executives, celebrities and sports legends, and needed a high-end web presence that would capture the essence of their five star services.  From the crisp and professional looking home page with clear blue skies and an executive jet waiting to whisk you away to exotic destinations, The Biz created a professional web experience for both corporate and high-end leisure travelers. The site features a user-controlled news section enabling Sportscorp to quickly and easily update news content to keep their clients up-to-date on the latest company announcements. The site is also integrated directly with an online booking system that enables their discriminating customers to book a quick getaway 24 hours a day. 

Last Bride Standing

When Last Bride Standing wanted to pump up the buzz on their hit reality TV show featuring dream weddings and $100,000 in awards and prizes for future bridezillas, they turned to The Biz Technology Services for a match made in heaven. The Biz quickly went to work designing a Flash / HTML based website that incorporates Last Bride Standing’s Hollywood bridal theme with the social communication tools needed to interact with the show’s rapidly increasing fan base. The site is every bride’s multi media dream with show trailer clips, newsletter sign-up and full integration with major social networks. The site also features a dazzling array of Flash animation capturing the fun and excitement of the Last Bride Standing contests, fashion shows and bridal industry events. 

Le Jardin

Listed as one of Canada’s Top 100 Event Venues, Le Jardin Chateau has been providing banquet and fine catering services for special events for over 15 years. Having received Honourable Mention in international design competitions for it’s spectacular workmanship and interior design, Le Jardin needed an equally spectacular web presence to showcase their award winning business. The Biz Technology Service designed a stunning website reflecting the grandeur of Le Jardin Chateau, while incorporating critical web features such as user managed content for events calendars and promotional offer. The site also features a beautiful photo gallery interface showcasing Le Jardin’s long history as a backdrop for professional photo shoots, as well as virtual tours of the rooms and banquet facilities. 


The brain-child of former University of Toronto student Jason Shvili, The Student Tutoring Network (TSTN) provides exceptional tutoring services to help students meet their academic goals, while enabling qualified undergraduates and graduate students to earn extra money towards their studies. The Biz Technology Service created a robust, full featured website designed to support TSTN growing client base and expanding network of over 100 tutors in the Greater Toronto Area. The site which includes online booking and social media integration, passed with flying colors. The Biz provides ongoing website maintenance support as well as managing pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns to increase awareness and rapidly drive students in search of tutors directly to the site. 

Trisol Window Fashions

Ontario based Trisol Window Fashions has been producing top-quality blinds, shades and shutters since 1989, but their website was beginning to look dated and no longer reflected the timeless beauty and craftsmanship of the products that Trisol so carefully created. The Biz Technology Services web development team went to work designing an elegant site that highlights the visual appeal and timeless styles of Trisol’s products and window treatments. In addition to serving as their retail product showcase, the site also features a Dealer inquiry and sign-up section facilitating the geographic expansion of Trisol’s growing list of retail dealers across North America. 

Moyal & Moyal

Canadian immigration law firm Moyal & Moyal is considered to be one of the most popular and successful immigration law firms in Canada and abroad. Although the firm had a booming business catering specifically to legal assistance for Canadian immigrants, they lacked the online presence needed to support their existing customer base and create market awareness to drive new business to the firm in this extremely competitive specialty practice. The Biz Technology Services started from scratch and built a professional website that would hold up in any court. With it’s bright graphics and easy to use navigation, the Moyal & Moyal website provides valuable information to assist potential immigrants, as well as a streamlined online assessment form enabling the firm’s team of lawyers to quickly assess each applicant’s situation ensuring they provided the best legal representation possible.

Ron Royals Live

As a performing Magician Member of the world famous Hollywood Magic Castle, Ron Royals dazzles audiences around the world with his impressive display of magic and illusions. When Ron decided it was time to dazzle his audience with a new website, he turned to The Biz Tech Services to create a site that would capture the essence of his magical shows. The Flash intro creates an exciting opening before leading you in to Ron’s world of magic providing a complete overview of his background, performances, audience reviews and photo gallery of his shows.

Print Factory Direct

Print Factory Direct is one of Canada’s leading direct printers providing an interactive printing service allowing customers to design and print custom post cards, greeting cards, brochures and other printed material. The Biz Technology Services designed a dynamic and intuitive ecommerce website that enables customers to create stunning printed material without prior design knowledge. Not just a template based system, The Biz developed a flexible process allowing customers to either upload existing designs or create entirely new designs from scratch with an easy to use and intuitive design interface. The site features an integrated shopping cart so customers can create, purchase and print in a seamless and integrated experience. 

Get Sparked! Magic

Renowned Canadian magician Steven Spark is known for his dynamic performances where sparks often fly during his impressive magic shows and needed a website that would convey the excitement of his live performances. The Biz Technology services really out did themselves on this one using Flash animation to raise the curtain on Steve’s website creating an unforgettable online experience for his many fans. The site features easy navigation providing comprehensive information on Steve’s background, shows and reviews, as well as an integrated media player features Steve’s promotional videos. 


uFire’s scorching hot web design and hosting services offer affordable monthly subscription based pricing for small to medium sized business in need of a cost-effective web presence. The Biz Technology services turned up the heat even further by designing an ecommerce website that was optimized for one-page rapid customer conversion. The new site features a red-hot design, numerous calls to action and a clear definition of uFire’s value and services. The easy to read pricing plan comparison page, one-click purchase system, and integrated shopping cart enables businesses to select the web service package that best meets their needs, quickly turning sales prospects into revenue generating uFire customers.  

Dynamite Cure

When North America retail giant Group Dynamite decided to partner with the Cure Foundation to raise funds for breast cancer awareness and research, they turned to The Biz Technology Services to build the fund raising website for Hope is in Your Hands. Working closely with the Cure Foundation and Group Dynamite, The Biz created one of the most unique and intriguing sites ever developed for a non-profit event. The site seamlessly integrates social giving with social media to deliver a breathtaking new approach to fund raising. Featuring a “Wall of Hope” that is covered in floating, interactive bubbles for each individual contribution, visitors can interact with each bubble, viewing the message left by the contributor, forwarding to a friend or posting their own message with a contribution to the Cure Foundation. The site also features a real-time donations meter tracking campaign contributions for the duration of the event. 

Central Parkway Mall

Central Parkway Mall, an Ontario based community mall catering to a middle-market customer segment, needed a solid web presence to promote the merchants, special offers and promotional events to the local community. The Biz Technology Services worked closely with the Central Parkway management to develop an understanding of their market segment, and designed a website that specifically catered to Central Parkway’s clientele with a look and feel that reflected the values and lifestyle of the local community. The site is loaded with information such as floor plans, merchant directories and event calendars to ensure that both the merchants and customers maximize the value and convenience of the Central Parkway Mall. 

Hang-Ups Closet Co.

Specialty custom cabinet design firm Hang-Ups Closet wanted to focus on building beautiful and innovative products, but needed a web presence to market their unique line of custom made cabinetry, closets and wall units. The Biz Technology Service designed a website that captures the craftsmanship and beauty of Hang-Ups Closet’s work with a complete range of galleries for each individual product line. A picture is worth a thousand words, so the Biz crafted a stunning array of Ajax-based photo galleries that deliver full size images of some of Hang-Ups Closet award winning designs set against a dark contrasting background to create a dramatic viewing effect. 

Find a Banquet Hall

Find a Banquet Hall is a comprehensive guide to over 700 social and corporate venues in the Greater Toronto Area, as well as event support services such as caterers, event planners, photographers and DJs. The Biz Technology Services designers and engineers set out to plan, build and launch a website for Find a Banquet Hall that would be the event of the year. The site features a custom designed backend system that allows venue owners to submit their halls, receive user reviews and ratings, and a notification system enabling vendors to capture and convert new business leads. The Biz’s own BizInContact newsletter campaign management system is integrated with the site for customer communication and direct marketing. The site also includes an integrated search function with filters to locate specific venues in Find a Banquet Hall’s massive database, and auto complete capabilities to simplify the registration and feedback process for the sites growing list of venues and services.  

Extensia Magic

When Philip and Henry Entertainment wanted a web presence to capture the magical beauty of their North American Extensia extravaganza of magicians, they turned to The Biz Technology Services to brew up a spell binding website. The Biz’s creative wizardry is clearly at work here using flash animation to create a magical entrance to the mystical world of Extensia using the legendary Extensia Diamond as the key to the kingdom. The site features an overview of the show, as well as magicians bios, booking information for upcoming shows, and of course the rave reviews that are being written about this entertaining and innovative show for people of all ages. 

Contemporary Mouldings

Toronto’s Contemporary Mouldings creates classic architectural mouldings designed to restore the beauty and elegance of days gone by to residential and commercial buildings. When it came time to restore their aging website, they called on The Biz Technology Services to design a site as elegant as their custom products. The Biz developed a gorgeous site using a combination of Flash and HTML to showcase Custom Mouldings craftsmanship and attention to detail from the opening page and carries it through a series of photo galleries covering their entire range of products. The site also features an online product catalog and additional information on the company’s history and commitment to quality and authenticity. 

United Alarm

As Calgary’s number one privately owned residential and commercial security company, United Alarm knows what it takes to protect their customer’s families and businesses. With over 20,000 security systems installed, United Alarm realized it was time to take their web presence to the next level. The Biz Technology Services went to work building a comprehensive and content rich website serving as both a valuable resource for security education and awareness, as well as laying the ground work for future Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work designed to achieve the highest search engine rankings possible to provide the visibility United Alarm needs to continue their expansion across Canada. The site is focused on customer conversion with numerous calls to action for free security evaluations, free quotes and special promotions. 

Wildfire Steakhouse

Zagat rated Wildfire Steakhouse and Wine Bar knows how to cook up an award winning meal, but needed some help when it came time to cook up a new web presence for their popular Toronto steakhouse. The Biz Technology Service designed a web site that completely captured the warmth and ambiance of Wildfire Steakhouse right down to the plush red leather booths you would expect to find in a classic steakhouse. In fact it was such a success with the owner that he literally fell off his chair the first time he saw the website. The site includes user controlled banner content providing the ultimate in flexibility for marketing and promotions, as well as fully interactive features allowing customers to view menus, make reservations, order take away meals and purchase gift certificates online. 

Super Wool

Specializing in high-performance wools socks that stand-up under the most extreme conditions, Super Wool wanted a website that would capture the active lifestyle of their most dedicated customers. As the official sock of Frontier Adventure Racing and Raid the North Extreme, Super Wool’s site needed to be as rugged as their product and able to knock the socks off even their most dedicated Adventure Racing customers. With it’s eye-catching graphics and motion, the flash based web site developed by The Biz Technology Services not only knocked their socks off, it turned out to be a smash hit with both the management team and their customers, capturing the action, adventure and spirit that the Super Wool brand is so well known for. 

Stamping Bella

Like many businesses, Toronto based Stamping Bella started as nothing more than the founder's vision and a strong desire to succeed, but lacked the web presence needed to reach a broader audience. The Biz Technology Services quickly turned Bella's vision into a profit making reality by building an ecommerce web site to introduce their quirky rubber stamp creations to the world. The site features custom graphics created by Stamping Bella’s very own talented group of designers, and all the ecommerce components needed to sell these products directly to their rapidly growing customer base. The Biz built a cost effective web presence using open source components that were tightly integrated with Bella’s social media and popular blog, resulting in a website that is fun, entertaining and a true reflection of the company’s funky personality. 

Bubbie's Biscotti

Canada's First Ladies of biscotti, Heather and Sharon, have built a biscotti empire based on their bubbie's (Yiddish for grandmother) light and crunchy biscotti recipe. And just like their premium biscotti, Heather and Sharon wanted a premium website that would showcase their wide variety of flavors and products. The Biz Technology Services baked up a Flash / HTML web site that features tempting graphic samples of Bubbie’s world famous biscotti, as well as easy navigation with detailed information on each product, nutritional information and a complete list of where to buy Bubbies Biscotti throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

North Toronto Media

With over 100,000 marketing messages delivered per month, North Toronto Media specializes in direct marketing for businesses and merchants in the Greater Toronto Area featuring their unique delivery system using door hanger coupons. The Biz Technology services created a business-to-business (B2B) website with the features and services needed to support North Toronto Media’s expanding list of business clients, including a proprietary backend system enabling merchants and retailers to post money saving coupons directly to the site creating additional opportunities for direct consumer marketing. 

GG and the Earthsavers

Granola Graham (GG) and The Earthsavers is a non-profit organization featuring online monthly subscriptions of children’s stories designed to educate, inform and delight. A $20 subscription provides a new online mystery to read, solve and discuss each month while also providing operating funds for the Metro Mothers Network. The Biz Technology service created a comprehensive website consisting of the payment gateway and ecommerce components needed to support the monthly subscription donations as well as the delivery mechanism for the monthly stories. The Biz also created the flexibility for GG and the Earthsavers to offer a white label version allowing other charities to create their own unique brand. 

John Alexander Magic

Leading North American Magician John Alexander has been wowing audiences for over 30 years with his unique brand of magic, and has spent years perfecting his award wining 1950’s era magic show. John wanted a website that would be an effective promotional tool for his show but also wanted to capture the look and feel of his nostalgic 50’s era show. The Biz Technology Services team designed and built the perfect web site that transports the viewer right back to 1959. Using a combination of iconic 1950’s colors and graphics, The Biz created a full featured, easy to use web site including promotional information such as an artist bio and photo gallery, performance schedules and critical reviews. 


Inner Golf, Toronto’s leading indoor golf facility, has over 6,000 square feet of start-of-the-art golf simulators featuring 33 different golf courses for every level of golfer ranging from first time amateurs to seasoned pros. With a growing business of private and corporate events, Inner Golf need to improve their online game including the ability to easily update web content for special events and promotions. The Biz Technology Service hit a hole in one when they designed a dynamic new website tightly integrated with Joomla CMS enabling Inner Golf’s marketing and sales division to easily manage web content on the fly. And the site’s crisp, fresh look, rotating banners, and easy navigation makes it easy for customers to explore the full range of Inner Golf’s services and programs. 

Bagel World

For over 45 years Bagel World has been baking up the best bagels in Toronto. This urban landmark finally received a complete makeover recently and the new owners decided it was time to bake up a brand new website as well. The Biz Technology Services fired up the ovens and created a tasty ecommerce website featuring menus, events, locations and a series of Ajax-based web pages resulting in a very slick online order system for the ultimate customer shopping experience. The site also features an extensive set of Ajax-based web pages providing nutritional information on each and every Bagel World product. 

Cardio Study

Cardio Study’s medical team is comprised of some of Canada’s most experienced and accomplished specialists in the field of cardiology. They take their medical practice seriously and wanted a website that would reflect their dedication and professionalism. The Biz Technology Services designed a site that was just what the doctor ordered providing a crisp and professional web presence for this leading group of cardiologists. The site provides detailed information on Cardio Study’s diagnostic services, medical products and cardiologists. The site also features a separate and secure login for Doctors and Staff, and is tightly integrated with Cardio Study’s social media.  

Warrior Mixed Martial Arts

Warrior Mixed Martial arts is the largest MMA facility in the York region.  They needed to redesign their existing website to reflect their high level of expertise in MMA and the accolades they have received over the years.  The resulting site we created includes a showcasing of the various disciplines, programs, and high caliber teaching they offer, and most importantly a conversion focused design which encourages the visitor to explore more and contact them.

Toronto City Dentist

Toronto City Dentist has been creating and maintaining beautiful smiles since 1994, and needed an updated web presence that would be as bright and shiny as their patient’s teeth. The Biz Technology Services designed a new site from the ground up including a crisp new logo and the content needed to showcase Toronto City Dentist’s full range of cutting edge cosmetic, implant and laser dentistry services. Dr. Jonathan Shainhouse’s blog is integrated directly with the site, providing an easy way to share information with his constantly growing list of satisfied customers. A lightbox for showcasing patient success stories and the site’s clean, fresh look with easy navigation exactly captures the look and feel that Toronto City Dentist wanted to convey to the public. 


Ontario based Access for Parents and Children in Ontario (APCO) is a non-profit organization providing supervised access to separated families. Serving a vital role to the Ontario community since 1992, APCO needed a website that would provide a complete overview of their services and procedures for families in need, as well as a resource for Judges and Lawyers assisting the families. The Biz Technology Services designed and delivered a cost effective website providing a simple way for families to navigate through the sometimes complex process required to coordinate supervised access. The site features a customized backend enabling APCO Supervisors to easily manage location scheduling and available openings, as well as a private section for board members to access classified documents using customizable filters for secure and easy access to confidential client information.